Monday, February 16, 2009

illegal character: \64 when running Eclipse on Mac OSX

I develop on a Mac. We use Luntbuild to automate our builds.

We added our new project into Luntbuild this morning. Luntbuild kicked this back :
[package name]/ illegal character: \64
compile [ javac ] @Entity

Our team has used OS X, Ubuntu, XP and Vista. We had not encountered this problem before.

Why wouldn't Eclipse just standardize on one character encoding?

The solution is to change the encoding by right clicking on the project and choose Properties -> Resource.

There are panels for "Text file encoding" and "New text file delimiter."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NetBeans 6.5 and svn+ssh on a Mac

I've been playing with NetBeans occaisonally. I couldn't stand it a couple of years ago. However, after Sun's Tech Days in Atlanta I decided to give it a try.

Besides, I wanted to verify a clean checkout, build, test cycle.

We use svn over ssh at work. It was a headache to get this running with NetBeans. I didn't completely succeed either.

This post has a nice tutorial from a Rails perspective. I started here. I was able to checkout fine. But when I right clicked -> Subversion -> Update I got an error stating that ssh_askpass couldn't be found.

I did some digging around. This post is a great discussion about Leopard and ssh.

I checked out this tutorial from the NetBeans site. I was pretty annoyed that I hadn't found an answer so I clicked the update button. It worked.

I can't reproduce the error now. Right clicking the project and running an update has worked since I updated from the button.

So in the event that you hit this post while having the same problems, run an update from the button.