Monday, January 31, 2011

KVM : disabled by BIOS

I had no idea what Intel AMT was before I tried to fire up libvirt.

While working through the Fedora virtualization quick start, I ran :
$ lsmod | grep kvm

which should have returned :
$ lsmod | grep kvm

Unfortunately I had only, "kvm." The troubleshooting guide suggested running :
$ dmesg | grep -i kvm

Which returned,
$ dmesg | grep -i kvm
KVM: disabled by BIOS

Happy day. I booted into the BIOS ("Press the blue, ThinkVantage button!") and disabled AMT. Unfortunately that didn't do it either. I rebooted again, pressed "the blue, ThinkVantage button," chose "CPU" and enabled the two settings for virtualization,"Intel Virtualization Technology" and "Intel VT-d Feature."

After the next reboot all was well.

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