Friday, February 28, 2014

DevNexus 2014

Earlier this week I attended AJUG's DevNexus conference.

I get the impression that JavaScript is hot again. There were many  sessions on JavaScript testing, frameworks and especially Node.js.  Atlanta is heavy in the web development space so maybe that is just regional, but there was talk of one Fortune 50 company having moved their online backend to Node.js.

I caught several really good presentations (in alphabetical order by speaker's last name):

  • Aaron Bedra's talk on Web Security was something everyone writing webapps should attend
  • Ted Neward's introduction to Node.js
  • Grant Shipley made me want to try out Titanium (I already use OpenShift, the other thing he talked about)
  • Burr Sutter's presentation on Vert.x was eye opening.  I work for Red Hat, but I don't get to spend much time with the community projects
  • Stephen Thomas' presentation on testing JavaScript
  • Andrew Trice gave a great overview of PhoneGap
The DevNexus site should be updated with slides and recordings soon.

If you are in the Southeast keep this conference in mind next year.  The sessions are high quality and the price is an absolute bargain.

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