Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Seam and TestNG and a missing rar file

Generated a new project with seam-gen.

Had a problem with the build.xml's "test" task. I got the error "You need to specify at least one testng.xml or one class"

I downloaded last night's snapshot from JBoss. (On a side note, I've started using Hudson after seeing it used by JBoss, and its very nice. I like it more than Continuum and CruiseControl.) Same error.

I added a testng.xml file to src/test directory.

I changed buildxml :
added "<include name="**/*.class"/>" to line 282
added "<copy tofile="${test.dir}/testng.xml" file="${src.test.dir}/testng.xml" overwrite="true"/>" to line 296.
changed line 320 (324 after adding the above) to "<xmlfileset dir="${test.dir}" includes="testng.xml" />"

The test ran, which was good; however, there were errors in the output.
"Error parsing meta data jboss-local-jdbc.rar"

Looking through the output I noticed that there was an io.FileNotFound for "C:\Documents%20%and%20%Settings." The actual file was referenced correctly in several of the other lines, but I decided to start over with seam-gen and put the folder directly on the C drive with no spaces.

It worked.

The moral : put my Eclipse workspaces on the C drive.

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