Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Seam Tip Number 2

Seam Tip Number 2

Keep insert statements inside the import.sql file on the same line.

One of the coolest things about developing in Seam is the "create-drop" setting for data. 

If you create your project with seam-gen and choose "y" for the prompt, "Do you want to drop and recreate the database tables and data in import.sql each time you deploy?" there will be three files, import-dev.sql, import-test.sql and import-prod.sql.  The data in these files will be used to populate tables generated from your entities.  You can of course do this manually, but I want to be brief.

I mocked up some data and redeployed, but I wasn't seeing anything when I hit the page.  Watching the log files after restarting the server showed an sql error on import which turned out to be the line break.  I was using Eclipse to edit the file so I found that odd, but stranger things have of course happened.  I removed the line breaks and everything worked.

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Mamun said...

Thanks for your post, but if u can write detail about this mean which lib is responsible for creating database operation and when it will create database structure that will more helpfull to the poeople.