Friday, February 15, 2008

JBoss World Orlando - Friday

EJB3, Seam, JSF, and RichFaces on JBoss 4.2.0 was the first session I attended. It was a case study of easycredit a German loan system. I've found the case studies useful.

The second session I attended was a 90 minute JBoss Developer Studio workshop. I had already installed the JBoss Tools project into Eclipse so I was glancingly familiar with it; however, I've used seam-gen for the projects I've been working on and hadn't made use of the Developer Studio tooling. Reverse engineering a domain model is stupidly simple.

Agile Development Using JBoss Seam was the third session I attended. Daniel Hinojosa was the speaker, and he had some cool tips on using Groovy for unit testing that I want to check out. He also showed off some stuff that I didn't know Hudson could do.

Testing JSF Applications which was an intro to JSFUnit by Stan Silvert was another session that I really liked, meaning I will start using JSFUnit next week. The executive summary is that resulting from his hatred of Mock objects, Stan created a JSF testing framework that works inside the the container without all the overhead of Cactus.

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