Wednesday, February 13, 2008

JBoss World Orlando - Wednesday

I'm at JBossWorld Orlando. We got the usual t-shirt and bag, but the 1G flash drive was definitely the best schwag I've picked up (I didn't take a single pen during the vendor meet and greet!)

I checked out the jBPM session, "A Lightweight Approach to Business Processes With JBoss jBPM", first. I would've liked more practical use information, but the overview of the jBPM platform, which is how Tom Bayens described it, was interesting.

The next session on "Seam, SEAM, AS, EJB3, Hibernate, AJAX4JSF, RichFaces, and Facelets", was given by four guys from Big Lots. It was an excellent talk. I don't know how much presenting they do, but they traded off easily and kept the talk moving really well. It didn't hurt that their case study was very relevant to the project I'm working on.

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